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In this week’s interview, Ole ter Wey talks to climate activist Grace Fong about the importance of climate education. Drawing on her very personal experiences with the impacts of climate change in her home country of Fiji

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I’ve been a traveler my whole life — and was lucky enough to have a family that prioritized experiencing new destinations throughout my childhood. Now, it’s my nephew’s turn. At two years old, with seven countries down, he’s on his way to becoming a citizen of the world.

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PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The difference between a tourist and a traveler is getting to know a culture, according to Karen Gershowitz, writer and travel addict. Since boarding a plane to Europe when she was 17, Gershowitz has visited over 90 countries and “gained friends.

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relocated by your company, it can seem daunting to visit a new country for the first time. Looking for some tips and tricks to mastering international travel? We have them, courtesy of Travel + Leisure


The most well-known surfing location in Sri Lanka is Arugam Bay, which also serves as the only location for international surfing competitions in Sri Lanka. It is ranked among the top 10 surfing locations in the world. The region is renowned for its nightlife, beaches, and surfing. In this lively and popular region of Sri […]